Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Visit Thirukazhukundram or Pakshitirtham from Chennai or Kanchipuram

Location of Thirukkazhukundram / Pakshitirtham

Thirukazhukundram or Pakshitirtham is situated on the way of Chengelpattu-Mahabalipuram at a place of 49 km from Kanchipuram and 16 km east of Mahabalipuram. Chennai from here is 70 km on Chennai-Trichy roadway of NH 45 via Chengelpattu.

What to see in Thirukkazhukundram/ Pakshitirtham

Pakshitirtham Temple is on the peak of Bhedagiri Hill. One can go up to the temple, after ascending 537 step flight of stairs and climbing 160 meters up. Basket carrier Kandis may be availed of to go up the hill. This temple of Lord Shiva is visited by two eagles named Pusha and Prithwi everyday at 11-30am 12-00 pm to receive offerings. At some times only one of them flies down the temple. Legend says, two sages in disguise of eagles come here after taking a bath at Varanasi to take lunch at Pakshitirtham and then fly away to Rameshwaram. Some people dispute this story. There is a temple of Lord Shiva at a village at the foothills. There exists a holy pond at Pakshitirtham. Believers say a conch emerges out of the pond every 12 years.
Timmu Roy, the absconded King of Vijayanagar, built a fortress in the Jinjir style at Chengalpattu on the Chennai-Trichy Rd. This may also attract the visitors. banner
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