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Places to see around Mahabalipuram and en route

Tiger Cave on the quiet sea beach along Covelong Road is only 5 Km away from Mahabalipuram. Goddess Durga is inside the cave up above the steps. Royal families in the past used to have entertainment programs here.

Mukunda Nayar Temple
is on the way.

Crocodile Bank is on the Mahabali-Chennai roadway (14 km from Mahabali, 40 km from Chennai). Breeding of crocodiles takes place here. Moreover, there are nearly 5000 crocodiles of different ages and sizes with about six rare species. Ghorial crocodiles are also kept here. American Zoologist Romulas Whittaker set up this Bank with the help of World Wildlife Fund for Nature in 1976. Visiting hrs 8-30 am to 5-30 pm.

At the sea beach of Covelong, the fishermen's village is 20km away, offer scenic beauty and fit for picnics. A Catholic Church, a mosque and a fort of the past add to the tourist attractions. In the fortress Fishermen’s Cove, Covelong Beach-603112, Ph: 274301, has been set up as a star hotel by the Taj Group. There are also ordinary lodges at Covelong.

To the north adjacent to Covelong, 21 km south of Chennai is Muthukadu is also a tourist attraction. Arts and Crafts of four southern states are exhibited at Dakshina Chitra.

Boating is possible at Back Water in the man-made lake. ITDC has set up a boat house. MGM Disney World or the Children s Amusement Park (area 27 acre) is also a good place to visit.

On way to Chennai, 8 km away from the town. Tiruvanmiyur exists in shaded coconut trees and birches. There is the Tripurasundari Temple of the Goddess once worshiped by Tamil Poet Balmiki.

At East Coast Road, en route to the city, VGP Golden Beach/MGM Disney World entertainment Park offer enjoyment to the visitors. It is a famous shooting spot for commercial films.

VGP Golden Beach Resorts Ph: (044) 24926445. Conducted tours are arranged.

Illiot Beach
, 11 km across the Adier river, may be one's optional site to visit. Sea beach here is quite beautiful and one can swim here. There is a bus connection from here to the city.

The fishermen's village at Ennore Beach
is another tourist spot where boating can be arranged.

Pundi Reservoir or Satyarnurthi Sagar, 60 km away, is the source of water for the city. The environment is charming.

Pulicat is a lagoon wide enough to cover parts of both Tamilnadu and Andhra Pradesh. The lagoon is 61 km away and a favored spot for local and migratory birds.

An island in the midst of the lagoon named Sri Harikota is now widely known for its Rocket Launching Centre of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). banner
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