Thursday, October 8, 2009

Other places you can visit from Bhuj

Dholavira – Remnants of ancient civilization found here

255 km to the North East of Bhuj, at Great Runn close to Pak frontier, at Dholavira the remnants of Harappa-Mahenzodaro era have been found. Archaeological excavation is going on. However, as it is located at the frontier, restrictions are strictly maintained on free movements of people. Foreigners need permit to visit from Collector Office, Bhuj.

Buses run from Bhuj to Dholavira in 5 hours. Night halts may be arranged at an ordinary Guest House. On way from Bhuj by bus reach Lilpur and rest at Gandhi Ashram (food and lodging are available here), spend a night there and come to Dholavira next morning. From Dholavira avail bus at 3 pm to return to Bhuj.

Anjar – A place famous for Gujarat embroidery works

Enthusiasts may take a trip to Anjar, 22 km South West on Bhuj-Kandla route. This was the capital of Kutch till 1548. Anjar is famous for embroidery, bandhni and batique works. There is the musoleum of Pir baba shrouded with infinite lores and legends. One should taste the curd at Anjar. Raja Ajepal founded the city in 805 AD. Repeated earthquakes have rocked the city. 40 km from here, at Birendiara, Hodko, Gorewali villages folk crafts of Kutch are practiced. One can take a bus or a car to these destinations.
Those interested may visit the Jain pilgrimage of Bhadreswar. Restoration of the decayed past is on at full swing.

This article is originally published in Travel India and India Study Channel

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