Thursday, September 24, 2009

Penukonda - A less visited tourist spot at Andhra Pradesh

Penukonda means big mountain. Adjoining the Horsley Hills, this Hill Station is 934 meter high. The King of Vijayanagar stayed here for 20 years after the defeat in the battle of 1565. When the control over the palace was shifted from Nizam to East India Company in 1800, the Dist HQ was set up here. Many ruins can be seen here at the old fort below the hill like 11th Century Parshnath Jain Temple, Sree Rama and Shiva Temple built by kings of Vijayanagar, Sher Ali Mosque (1600), ancient Palace – Gaganmahal. Tourist attraction of these ruins cannot be ignored. One will find ordinary hotels at Penukonda for staying.

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