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Horsley Hill – The only hill station in Andhra Pradesh

In 1857 while hunting an European WD Horsley reached Mallammakonda, i.e, the mountain of Goddess Mallamma. He fell in love with natural beauty of the hill and built his summer residence here in 1870. The name also changed from Enugu Mallammakonda to Horsley Hills. Horsley Hills is the only Hill Station of Andhra Pradesh at an altitude of 1265 meter. The summer residence of the Governor of Andhra is here. The nature in Horsley is beautiful, constantly shaded by sandal wood, palash, piyal, teak, deodar, eucalyptus gulmohar & mango trees. The winter is a little cold and in the summer cool breeze blows, the climate is healthy. The sunset in Horsley is matchless. There is a site called view point to view sunset. Other places to see are the forest museum of Nature Study Centre, a beautiful orchidorium, library etc. Eucalyptus tree planted by Horsley is now a giant size tree , which is now 35 meter high, spread over a radius 43 meter. Rishikonda Valley is 9 km along the hilly road. The Valley famous for the school founded by Jiddu Krishnamurthy. Enugu Mallamma Temple is 20 km to the west of hills. Lilting notes of numerous known and unknown birds make the surroundings musical and pleasant. Kronba, Golia, Chhenchu tribes inhabit here.

How to reach Horsley hill
On the South Western part of Andhra and on the Tirupati-Bangalore Road, 122 km from Tirupati & 136 km from Bangalore, surrounded by mountains, at a height of 746 meter is the hill resort Madanapalli. Chennai, Hyderabad, Guntakal, Pakala & Horsley are 221,431,246,83 and 25 km respectively from Madanapalli. On Guntakal-Pakhala metregauge railway-Guntakal-Tirupati Passenger, Bellari-Tirupati Passenger, 7597 Guntakal-Pakala Venkatadri Express travel via Madanapalli Road Railway station. The journey time by bus from Tirupati & Bangalore to Madanapalli is approximately 3 hrs. Madanapalli is famous for its beautiful valley beautified by nature herself and Rishi Valley school. A TB Sanatorium was developed because of its healthy climate. In the adjoining Baminikonda hills there is a Bamini Devi, i.e, Durga Temple. Madanapalli is familiar because it offers bus connection with Horsley Hills 29 km from here. Buses leave at 8-00,13-00,16-00 hours taking one hour to reach Horsley hills. Frequency of services increase during October to March.

Hotels and other accommodation at Horsley hill
There are various types of accommodation in Horsley Hills.
In the midst of pleasant nature APTDC owned Punnami Hill Resort Ph: +91 8571 279323, Advance Booking . Manager, Horsley Hills, Dist-Chittoor or APTDC, Yatri Nivas Complex, S P Road, Secunderabad-500003 Ph: 22816373 or in Kolkata Diamond Tours 22376714 and TTMI Ph: 22442051.

Mount Pleasant Hotel,

Forest Bungalow in Horsley's summer residence

Forest Rest House, Advance Booking: FRO, Madanapalli, Dist-Chittoor, AP-517325

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madhu said...

The best route to Horsely Hills from Bengaluru is Bengaluru – Hoskote – Chintamani – Srinivaspur – Madanapalli – Horsely Hills (160km). Buffet for breakfast is available at Amrutha Restaurant - a well maintained and affordable place. Ride to Horsely Hills reminds u about the fear and the lonliness around is scary. A must see place once in lifetime. One can find the fog till 11am here.