Saturday, July 11, 2009

Saputara – The only hill station in Gujarat

Saputara, the heaven of Nag kings is at 872,9 meter located on Sayadri—the hill city of Gujarat. Calm and tranquil, with deep dense forest with a habitat of tribal. Sunset, sunrise, echo point, museum, Nageswar Mahadeb Temple are the important places to see here. View the sunset while enjoying ropeway ride from sunset point.

When the Saputara hill becomes tinged with twilight of setting sun, the view you will cherish for long.

Other activities at Saputara you will enjoy:

Snake worship is the grand festival here on Sarpaganga river. Trek to Gira Falls, boating can also be enjoyed at Saputara Lake. Sambar, wild boar, variety of deers, peacocks and other wild members in Puma Sanctuary welcome their visitors. Natural scenery is charming.

This article is originally published in Travel India and India Study Channel

When to visit Saputara:

Tourists visit Saputara all round the year. The temperature in summer is 28° C highest and 16° C lowest in winter. The annual rainfall is 2540 to 3200mm. It is better to avoid the monsoons.

How to reach Saputara

Gujarat Tourism package tour may bring you to Gira Falls, Zabda, Dang Forest from 8-00 am 7-30 pm. It is preferable to start from Nasik Rd of Maharashtra, though Saputara is situated on the North East frontier of Gujarat. Saputara is 68 km from Nasik Rd and 155 km from Surat. Gujarat State Transport buses ply to Saputara from Nasik and Surat. Prefer the route from Nasik to Saputara, Mumbai is 385 km and Ahmedabad is 405 from Saputara.

Where to stay at Saputara

For staying at Saputara, TCGL's Toran Hill Resort, Ph: (02631) 237226, Mount View hotel; Panchayat Rest House, Forest log Hut.
Private hotels: Savshanti Lake Resorts, Hotel Lake View, Gokul, Ph: 237216; Hilton Hotel, Ph: 237307; Hotel Anando, Hotel Chitrakoot, Hotel Vaishali Ph: 237208.

This article is originally published in Travel India and India Study Channel

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