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Yamunotri – The Origin Of Yamuna River

One of the Char - Dhams, Yamunotri is nestled in the lap of Banadarpunch range of Himalayas at 3322 Meters surrounded by lofty mountains. Around the temple there are three hot springs. The most important among them is Suryakund. A religious stone "Divya Sila" is there near Suryakund. Before offering puja to the Yamuna mata, devotees take bath in Suryakund and offer puja to the Divya sila.

The Prasad of Yamuna Mata is boiled rice in the hot water of the hot spring. You can get the parboiled rice from the stalls around the temple.

How to reach Yamunotri:

To reach Yamunotri you have to reach Janakibai Choti from Haridwar, or Rishikesh by hired car, or share taxi or by bus. The distance of janakibai Choti from Rishikesh is 280 Km and Haridwar 300 Km.

Previously car used to come up to Hanuman Choti, 13 Km from Yamunotri. Now after renovation of the road you can drive up to Janakibai Choti, 8 Km from the Yamunotri. From here you can trek 8 km through the exquisitely beautiful trek route. If, by chance you don't want or, unable to walk take the help of pony, doli, or kandi. See the details and photos at Kedarnath Page, porters and guides.

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Where to stay at Yamunotri:

GMVN Rest House Yamunotri: Dormitory available @ INR 100

GMVN Rest House, Hanuman Choti: Ph: +91 1375 223371 DB @ INR 600; Dormitory @ INR 100

GMVN Rest House, Janaki Choti: Ph: +91 1375 235639 DB @ INR 700; Dormitory @ INR 100

GMVN Rest House, Sayan Choti: Ph: +91 1375 235639 DB @ INR 300

Other than these there are plenty ordinary hotels and dharamashalas in Yamunotri for staying are always available. You need not to book beforehand.

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