Sunday, December 28, 2008

Gangotri – One of The Four Dhams (Char Dham)

You don't have to walk to reach Gangotri. Your vehicle will reach near the temple. 300 km from Haridwar, though can be travelled in one day by car, but it is better to halt at Uttarkashi (200 km) at night. Drive 100 km next day to reach this divine place at 3140 meters, surrounded by gorgeous Himalayan peaks.

This temple was built in early eighteenth century by Gorkha Commander Amar Singh Thapa. The main deity in the temple is Ganga Mata. Other than her, Yamuna, Saraswati, Bhagirath and Sankarachaya idols are also present there.

Gangotri is a small place comprising of few shops, hotels and dharamashalas scattered along both the banks of Ganges. Two iron bridges on Ganges connect the two banks. Ashrams of saints here and there add divine touch to the natural beauty of Gangotri. Suraj kund is a place, where fierce Ganges is jumping down below between the boulders.

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Where to stay at Gangotri:

STD code of Gangotri: +91 1372

GMVN Tourist Rest House: Ph 22221 DB @ INR 300 – 700; Family suite @ INR 1000; Dormitory @INR 100

Other than this there are PWD and Forest department's rest house and very affordable hotels and dharamashalas e.g Kalikamli, Punjab Sindh, Birla Mangal, Dandibaba etc.

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