Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tsangu Lake and Nathu La

Only 48 Km. from Gangtok and they are with their amazing beauty waiting for you there! You will gain more than 9000 Ft in 56 km route by a car you can hire from Gangtok.

Tsangu lake is at a height of 12,400 Ft and 34 Km. from Gangtok. Throughout whole year the area surrounding lake remain covered with ice. In winter lake is also frozen to ice. You can walk around the lake and if you want or your kid can enjoy the yak ride. There are many shops and restaurants beside the lake. Though the quality of the food may not be up to the standard but will satisfy your hunger. Price is reasonable if you consider getting service at that remote place.

A little away from Tsangu lake there is Baba temple. It was built in the name of Baba Harbhajan Singh, a soldier who was killed in the war with China. It is heard that his spirit is still there and help the soldiers working there!

It is better if you choose your day of journey on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, as the permit to visit Nathu la are given only on those days.

Nathu la is at 14.450 Ft altitude. The whole route of journey is breath taking. You have to drive through the ice, beautiful lakes in between. This is the border of India and China. Take photographs,which is allowed now! Shake your hands with China soldiers. Greet Indian army and think of the hardship they ate doing, away from their families, protecting the country border.

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