Monday, September 14, 2009

Adventurous Kirandul passenger train:

Through the forest and tunnel created by penetrating hills, the only 1VK passenger train arrives at Araku at 11 -15 am via Bora Guha, from Visakhapatnam 7-45 am. At 3-30 pm the 2VK passenger train leaves Araku and arrives at Bora Guha at 4-40 pm & finally reaches Visakhapatnam at 8-15 pm.

70 km long electric 1VK Rail passes through Andhra, Orissa, and Kirandul of Chhattisgarh. The highest broad gauge railway station is in Shimliguda at a height of 1050 meter. Double engines, each at the back & front of the train, are required to negotiate the terrain.

It seems that clouds come down from the sky to welcome tourists. Visibility is challenged by the thick fog all around. The entire route is extremely romantic. The scenic beauty of this route is one of its best.

On Waltair-Howrah railway 27 km from Waltair, it reaches the Kottavalsa then it goes through the forest and then crosses the river, then the train seems to penetrate the mountain.

The route was discovered by a Bengali Sree Pramathanath Basu. Later on, this area was included in a map after survey by another Bengali P K Ghosh. Thus in 1966 this area was developed in the port city of Visakhapatnam and K K Rail was used to supply the iron ore of Boiladila.

72 tunnels have been constructed along the entire route, cutting the. Condalite stone. The largest one is 800 ft long. The No. of bridges are 87; there are innumerable smaller ones. Numerous streams have come down from the mountains throughout the route. The scenery is picturesque. Nature lovers ought to travel along this route.

The latest state on Howrah-Nagpur railway is Chhattishgarh. One can travel by bus from its capital Raipur for Jagdalpur and from there can start journey.

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