Thursday, August 27, 2009

Balasore - An important place at Orissa

Balasore or, the city of the Child God was a commercial city in ancient times. All the factories and industries here were built by the Danish, Dutch and French colonizers. The British East India Company has built the first factory at 1634, in the Bengal of those days, near Balasore. The harbour was also built by the British in 1642.

Our martyrs—Nirendra. Monoranjan, Jyotish, Chitiapriya and Jatindra encountered bravely with Charles Tegart and his armed force. Jatindra was transported to the Balasore Hospital with his deadly wounds. The last rituals of Jatindranath expired on 10.9.1915 were performed in the jail; and 10.9.1979 a memorial altar has been built up on the spot of cremation in front of the jail. The prison-cell (where Jatindranath had passed his days of imprisonment) is accessible to the tourists. The Hospital, where injured Jatindranath was brought, is now Barbati Girls' School.

Chasakhanda may be visited by bus/auto/rickshaw. Chasakhanda. the original place, a school has been set up and a statue of Bagha Jatin has been installed in commemoration.
6km from Balasore, at Remuna, the Vaishnava pilgrim centre and the Vrindavan of Orissa, there is the Kshirchora Gopinath Temple. The temple is 150 yrs old. Several episodes of the Krishnaleela are illustrated on the temple walls. The dilapidated palace is another place worth to visit. By hiring an auto rickshaw you can see places within Balasore easily.

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