Saturday, March 21, 2009

Places to see in Andaman – Museum and Zoos

Zoological Museum:

Zoological museum is in the heart of the town. 200 species of animals are available here. One can visit cottage industries emporium very near to it. Here handicrafts of islanders made from pearls, conch shells, oysters and wood are displayed and sold. Except Sundays & holidays it is open between 9-00 to 17-00 Hrs.

Anthropological museum:

Built in 1975-76 is at Phoenix Bay on the way to Haddo from Middle Point. Except Mondays & holidays the museum is open between 9-00 to 12-30 & 13-00 to 16-30 Hrs. Lives of the islanders and natural science are displayed through approximately 30 models and photographs. Many handicraft items are also displayed. One can witness the lives of tribal, arms used and exhibited dresses.

Naval Marine Museum:

Opposite to the Teal House at Delanipur is Naval Marine Museum i.e Samudrika. Along with maritime animals, different varieties of ocean resources are displayed here. The collection of corals is really splendid. This museum also provides huge information of the island. Except Mondays & national holidays the museum is open between 8-30 to 12-00 Hrs & 14-00 to 17-00 Hrs.

Mini Zoo:

Mini Zoo is very near to Samudrika on way to Haddo. Maritime crocodile farm, over 200 species of animals available in islands and birds are available in this Zoo. Except Monday the Zoo is open everyday between 8-00 to 17-00 hrs.

Forest Museum :

A little ahead on this road at Haddo is Forest Museum. Models of birds, animals and decorative wood available in the forests of islands are displayed here. Except Sunday open between 8-00 to 12-00 Hrs & 14-30 to 17-00 Hrs. Beyond museum towards the east on top of the hill is Haddo. The view of Bay of Bengal from Haddo is wonderful.

Chatham Saw Mill:

Asia's oldest as well as largest Chatham Saw Mill is 2 km from Haddo towards north. Trunks of large trees i.e Bonga are being sawed here.

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