Thursday, December 4, 2008

Places In Kumaon - Pithoragarh

At 1645 Meter Pithoragarh is one of the busy district head quarter of Kumaon. The beauty of this place is in its Pine forest and the township in the steps. Local people call it as Sorghat. Many people lovingly call it as "Chota Kashmir" means Small Kashmir! From the town we could see the beautiful and mighty Himalayan ranges. The town is surrounded by 5 mountains namely Chandak, Thal, Kedar, Dhwaj, and Kundre. Anciently the business between Tibet and India used to be through the route of Pithoragarh.

300 Meters from the main township there is Pithoragarh Fort or Bauligarh Fort built in 1971 for the Gorkhas. 4 Kms from the town we saw Maharaja Kay Park. This park is built in 1965 in memorial of the soldiers killed in the war between India and Pakistan. Indian army is maintaining this park. Beautiful garden of flower and fruits and a small zoo is the attraction of this park.

There are quiet a few temples in and around this township. Ulkadevi, Lakshminarayan, Hanuman temples are worth mentioning. Chanda Devi temple is situtaed at the top of Chandak mountain 5 km from the city. Viewing sunset from this hill top is a wonderful experience.
How to reach Pithoragarh?

By Air
Nearest airport is Naini Saini (Pithoragarh), 5 kms.
By Rail
Nearest railhead is at Tanakpur 151 kms.
By Road
Well connected by a motorable road. 65 Km from Lohaghat, 76 Km from Champawat, 150 km from Tanakpur and 215 km from Kathgodam.

Best time to visit Pithoragarh is between April to June and September to mid November.

Where to Stay at Pithoragarh:

STD code of Pithoragarh : +91 5964

  • KMVN Tourist Rest House Ph: 225434 @ DB Deluxe INR 500 and DB Super deluxe @INR 1000.
  • Hotel Zara Residency Ph: 224073 @ DB INR 1000 - 1800
  • Greater Kailash Ph: 234578 @ DB INR 300 - 600
  • Punita Inn Ph: 228969 @ DB INR 350 - 1500
  • Hotel Jyoti Ph: 222369 @ DB INR 500
  • Hotel Pine Resort Ph: 9997408669 @DB INR 750 - 1200
  • hotel Deep Ph: 234463 @ INR 300 - 400

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