Saturday, November 1, 2008

Beaches Of Goa - Arambol

A comparatively less known beach in North Goa, mostly visited by the foreigners, particularly hippies. Hippy festival is also held here. Sweet water lakes on the beach are the added attraction and made this beach ideal for sea bathing and swimming at one's leisure.

Visit the Arambol village near to the beach to be acquainted with the local people's very simple habit and culture. The main profession of the local people is fishing.

About 16 Km long beach of Arambol, rocks and boulders at one part will not let you bath in sea, while there are plenty Golden sand beach for you to enjoy.

How to reach:

43 Km from Panaji and 30 Km from Mapusa. If you want to come by bus, there is half hourly bus service from Panaji to Mapusa. From Mapusa there is regular bus service to Arambol.

Where to stay:

You can stay at Tourist Lodge of Goa Tourism (+910832 2297657) DB INR 600 - 1200

Small houses on rent is also available at the beaches @ INR 400 for DB

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