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Madikeri – An Ignored Beauty!

A small town in Western Ghat in Karnataka, Madikeri, once known as Markana, Scotland of India, at 5000 Ft enriched with lush green vegetations nestled in the lap of mountain. You will be elated by seeing orchards of oranges, cocoa, rubber, coffee and spices on your way either from Mangalore or, Mysore. The silvery springs on the way add more feathers to its crown. Though gifted so liberally with nature, Madikeri is not yet so popular among tourists.

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What to see in Madikeri:

Gifted with abundant natural beauty, Madikeri has some other things to share too with you.

Tipu Sultan's Fort: This fort is originally built in 17th Century by Mudduraja by mud. On 1817 AD, the king of Mysore, Tipu Sultan renovated the fort and rebuilt it with granite and named it as Jaffarabad. Two elephant's statue at north east corner and a church on south east corner add to the beauty of this fort. Panoramic view of Madikeri from this fort is wonderful

Omkareshwar Temple: Situated at the heart of Madikeri, This temple was built on 1820 AD by Lingarajendra. This temple has a combination of both Islamic and gothic style of architecture.

King's Seat (Raja's Seat): At the end of the town on a hill top is a well maintained garden and from here you can experience the nice view of the Koorg valley. Viewing sunset from this place on the far stretching blue mountain is of course a breath taking experience. In ancient times kings used to spend their evening here after their day's work, hence the name.

Abbey Falls: 6 km from Madikeri, the most popular spot to travel is Abbey falls. Kaveri river is cascading down 70 ft from the hill over a rock face is a wonderful view to witness. Car will take you up to the entrance, from where you have to step down about 500 meters to reach to the base of the falls.

Bhagamandala: Here is a temple, built in Kerala style with the shrines of different Gods. The importance of this place is due to the confluences of three rivers kaveri, Sujyoti and Kanake. This place is a holy pilgrimage for the local people. People use to offer puja ( Pinda Dan) to their passed away ancestor in this place.

When to visit Madikeri:

Almost whole year! Monsoon is usually avoided by the tourists, but it has another kind of beauty. Most of the tourists come here between November and December.

The temperature in summer is 29 degree Celsius and in winter 9 degree Celsius – a very comfortable weather throughout the year.

If you are reading this article in any website other than in "TRAVEL INDIA" or, INDIA STUDY CHANNEL", then you are reading a copied and stolen content. Enjoy the original site here

How to reach Madikeri:

Madikeri is placed on NH 48, the road between Mangalore to Mysore. From both these places you can get buses to reach Madikeri in 3 to 3 ½ hours. Madikeri is also well connected by bus from Hasan, Belur and Chikmagalur.

Where to stay at Madikeri:

KTDC Mayur Valley View: Ph: +918272 228387 DB @INR 500 – 1500

There are many other hotels and lodge around bus stand and market to fit every pocket. Off season rebate is given during monsoon in these hotels between June 15th to September 15th. If you wish you can visit Madikeri without staying here; but to enjoy its fully at least one night stay is recommended.

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