Sunday, December 21, 2008

Visit Auli In Winter

You cannot reach Auli through the usual winding mountainous 14 km road which takes you Joshimath to Auli. The whole route and the surroundings remain covered with few feet of snow from January to March. The only means by which you can reach Auli is the cable car or rope way. The 5 km, possibly longest in Asia , ropeway ride in the winter is really an amazing experience you will cherish for long. You will cross slopes of ices one after another and witness the bird's eye view of the colorful skiers. Each coach carry 25 passengers at a time @ INR 200 for one way travel. Cable car runs daily from 9 am to 5 pm.

Winter Game Federation Of India organize National Ski Championship during February and March each year. The temperature of Auli at winter is usually minus 4 – 5 degree Celsius. Heavy woolens and other winter accessories including the sunglasses are absolutely required. At GMVN and Cliff Top Resort you can get the latest gadgets for skiing. You can learn ski also by different courses available here.

It is wonderful to see the skiers with their vibrant colorful dresses skiing from one end to the other of the ice field; kids and elders are enjoying playing with the ice.

How to reach Auli in winter:

To reach Auli, reach Haridwar first. From Haridwar reach Rishikesh (25 km) by auto rickshaw. From Rishikesh you will get bus for Joshimath (250 Km). To cover such a long distance by bus you must start your journey very early in the morning. You can hire a car to reach Joshimath directly from Haridwar. If such a long journey is tiring for you, halt at Rudraprayag and travel next day to Joshimath.

The cable car or the ropeway is the only means of transportation to reach Auli at winter. You can reach up to Garsan Top by cable car. From here to the GMVN bungalow, chair lift is available. The tariff and running time of the ropeway I have mentioned earlier in this article.

Where to stay at Auli:

Cliff Top Club Resort, Auli.

Description : Welcome to "CLIFF TOP CLUB, AULI", a luxurious ski resort, located in the Garhwal Himalayas of the northern Indian state of Uttaranchal. At more than 10,000 ft. above mean sea level we are literally at the top of the world, [being the second highest located resort in the world] and the only skiing resort in Asia which is located right on the ski slope.

Visit their website for booking and other details

The Other options are:

GMVN Tourist Rest House: Ph: +91 1389 223208/ 223305

Auli is costly if you want to stay there. It is possible to visit and come back to Joshimath for night stay, a cheaper option.

Where to stay at Joshimath:

GMVN Tourist Rest House (old) Ph: +91 1389 222118 DB @ INR 400 – 1200 and dormitory @ INR 100.

GMVN Tourist Rest House (new) Ph: +91 1389 222226 DB @ INR 500 – 600 and dormitory @ INR 100.

Kedar – Badri Temple Committee Dharamashala Ph: +91 1389 222083

There are many other private hotels in Badrinath @ INR 500 + for DB rooms.

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